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Dr Andy Hill

Author - Computer Systems Consultant

The Adventures of Sue Parkinson

Sue Parkinson / Sister Susan / Susan Jasmine Parkinson. Is a character created by my old friend, Frater Aleph Hé, who we sadly lost to a Stroke in 2010.

When I later discovered his original, unpublished manuscript for "There is Sometimes a Happy Ending", I fell in love with his character Sister Susan, said to be a gestalt entity of several of his female friends.

I re-edited and published this story.

I then created other stories with Sue Parkinson at the centre and some other characters. from " 'Happy Ending". 

I subsequently developed Sue's backstory in "Quit the Darkness, Seek the Light".

This series contains seven titles in various formats and is a continuing set of stories. Featuring this remarkable character.

Sue is now a high-ranking officer in an esoteric order. Based closely on a real order, known in the outside world simply as 'The Order".

It is recommended that the books are read in the series order given below, although this is far from a chronological order.